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  • Drive My Car
  • Phantom Thread
  • Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence
  • Taipei Story

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  • The Suspect


  • The Final Insult


  • Knock at the Cabin


  • Theodora Goes Wild


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  • The Suspect

    The Suspect


    "A guilty conscience needs no accuser."

    First time seeing Charles Laughton in front of the camera after having known him as Night of the Hunter's director for so long, and he's just as much of a natural there. After that certain turn in the story, the guilt and anxiety can clearly be seen festering within him.

    It doesn't end in any emotional explosion of confession. It continues to eat him up inside while he manages to keep up the usual cheery façade, desperate to find any way to free his conscience.

  • Knock at the Cabin

    Knock at the Cabin


    Strong acting from Dave Bautista, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Abby Quinn and Rupert Grint. I wouldn’t have found the film nearly as engaging without them holding the tension. The camerawork and shots were also a large part of that. It’s not new knowledge but Shyamalan never runs out of interesting ways to cover his scenes.

    I was feeling okay about Andrew, Eric and Wen’s story, but their final scenes did win me over I admit

Popular reviews

  • Little Big Women

    Little Big Women


    Loved it. Cried.

    A story about letting your past resentment go amid the confusion of grief, it just struck a personal note.  It can be a very difficult thing to do, as justified as those feelings are, but memories of true happiness and love always stay. I was reminded of my own family, and through all I’ve been with my parents, I’ll be sure to cherish them while they’re still around.

    Everything about this film was beautiful, and also subdued in its performances and storytelling.

  • Everything Everywhere All at Once

    Everything Everywhere All at Once


    Quan Ke Huy’s monologue on the street was probably the most beautiful scene of the movie (maybe this year so far) for me, among other amazing performances by Yeon and Hsu. 

    Just everything about the third act struck me like a train