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  • Phantom Thread
  • Parasite
  • Taipei Story
  • Chungking Express

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  • Happy Hour


  • Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me


  • Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery


  • Enter the Void


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  • Happy Hour

    Happy Hour


    Going to watch this in thirds and update it as I go. Watched up to 1:46 as of 1/18

    So far, really like the character work, both inside and out the main characters. Hamaguchi cherishes the space of each scene and takes his time, letting each conversation play out from beginning until end. A majority of this first third is an unconventional workshop yet I loved every second of it

    1/19 3:22: This section of the film passed by a…

  • Enter the Void

    Enter the Void


    Glad I watched this in a theater along with Koyaanisqatsi, definitely fucked me up, but

    I expected it to end like at least 5 times in the last 30 minutes, which felt longer than the first hour

Popular reviews

  • Little Big Women

    Little Big Women


    Loved it. Cried.

    A story about letting your past resentment go amid the confusion of grief, it just struck a personal note.  It can be a very difficult thing to do, as justified as those feelings are, but memories of true happiness and love always stay. I was reminded of my own family, and through all I’ve been with my parents, I’ll be sure to cherish them while they’re still around.

    Everything about this film was beautiful, and also subdued in its performances and storytelling.

  • Nightmare Alley

    Nightmare Alley


    Watched the “Vision in Darkness and Light” version with a Q&A with GDT

    I so wish the official version was Black and White, because even as a fucking dork that used to purposefully turn down the color for some movies, this is definitely how it should be watched.

    Past the visuals of a noir, Del Toro truly got the essence of its story while also fitting it for a modern audience. At its core, the genre is about the disillusionment…