Prey ★★★★

A great movie in a franchise that has buried long underground.

It’s safe to say that it’s absolutely worth the hype. Relentless and brutal, gorgeous atmosphere and cinematography with both Naru and the Predator being equally badass which made the film so much cooler (oh btw, best Predator design in the whole franchise). It just kicks so much ass and rules so damn hard and i honestly never expected this movie to be *this* fun and badass. It should be a crime that this only showed in streaming because this was very much tailor-made for the big screen and I would actually pay good money to see it there. My only problem is that I wish there was a lot more than what I saw, because there was a little more potential buried underneath this film that could’ve made this greater than an already great movie. Good shit anyways. 

Easily stomps the original (and every other movie in the Predator franchise ofc).

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