Scream ★★★★★

what’s your favorite scary movie?

the impact of scream to the horror genre is wild. It paved the way for other slasher movies and it quite literally revived the genre as it was nearly-dying at that time. What makes this even more special and authentic is the fact that everyone involved are geeks of slasher and horror movies as a whole. It’s a movie “for fans by fans” (and even those who aren’t fans of the genre could enjoy this) and it’s what stands out from the other slasher movies. I didn’t even know how impactful this was, I just thought in my first watch that it was just a fun movie. I literally didn’t know there was a horror movie reference every 2 minutes for fans to geek, but it didn’t play out as a ‘reference with no purpose’ type thing. Wes Craven and the rest of the cast and crew are goddamn geniuses. Every sequence brilliantly executed to the brim, the opening scene is an all-timer, the sequence at the house like in the last 45 minutes was so goated, and the metanarratives were so good.

It’s such a fun, brilliant, and excellent horror movie. It’s sooo iconic, from the characters to the many many favorable scenes. My favorite slasher movie easily and one of my favorite horror movies of all time. Not quite in my top 50 yet (still thinking about it), but it’ll be there, eventually. Good fucking shit.

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