• Rabid


    Fascinating lead performance by Marilyn Chambers. Her character, Rose seems to be possessed by her own body, almost all flesh and hunger.

    Whenever she is in the presence of another person her face is unreadable, opaque, and undeniably pleasant to look at. A walking mannequin. It's unsure if this distance Rose has with others is for protection or aggression or perhaps something even unknowable to Rose herself, something instinctual.

    One of the few times we see her alone she is…

  • Four Hands

    Four Hands

    sometimes you wanna watch a shitty horror and somehow even with those low as hell expectations you still get annoyed by how bad it is. All kinds of awful. boring and dumb and kinda unwatchable because everything's a blurry dark mess.

  • The Exorcist III

    The Exorcist III


    all sorts of wild. kinda bungles the ending but immensely creepy and rapturous.

  • Dogtooth




  • Beau Travail

    Beau Travail



  • Black Christmas

    Black Christmas


    the non-horror scenes have no business being as good as they are.

  • Dogfight



    remarkable performances. exceptionally delicate.

  • Deep Red

    Deep Red


    AMSR of Blood.

  • The Giverny Document (Single Channel)

    The Giverny Document (Single Channel)

    I started to break down when a 7 year old black girl was asked "Do you feel safe in the world?" and I realized I had no idea how she was going to answer.


    "I do no believe the conditions that produce a situation that demanded a song like that."


    Art created through and because of pain. Pain that lives in every single black woman throughout the diaspora.

  • Shirley


    pleasingly in tune with a certain (v straight) female pov that you don't see all that often in horror adjacent filmmaking. it is undoubtedly overcooked, but I do enjoy Decker's eroticism quite a bit.

  • Kinshasa Makambo

    Kinshasa Makambo

    Images of violence and death are hard for me to deal with in documentaries. There's an inherent voyeuristic feeling to the image, this fact that I am sitting on a couch looking at a person I did not know who is now dead. Breath and life gone. Just meat and bones.

    I'm not sure how you tell the story of antifascist revolution, especially a failed one, without showing the bodies fascism has claimed. I think there is a responsibility to…

  • s01e03


    The loss of communal spaces bleeding into the loss of self. Has the vibe of a video game sunset. Connections are special, treasure them.