• Free Guy

    Free Guy

    unbelievably grating.
    ryan reynolds playing the same character he's been playing since 2015. ruinous culture reflected, but it's not intentional at all lol

  • Mandabi



    unexpectedly funny

  • Padatik



    really fun, edgy

  • Bhoot Police

    Bhoot Police



  • Dombivali Fast

    Dombivali Fast


    not too bad. very edgy, form wise as well

  • Brazil



    some really lovely production design.
    also, surprise robert de niro haha

  • Editing



    interesting. exactly the length it needs to be

  • Let the Wind Blow

    Let the Wind Blow


    interesting, but feels student filmey, especially in the way it's acted and written.
    themes feel like the "themes we should write about" when writers start writing

  • Sully



    man trying to do his job well
    both sully and eastwood haha
    simple, elegant filmmaking :)
    maybe didn't need the flashbacks to his youth

  • Air Force One

    Air Force One


    george bush/harrison ford argues for unequivocal u.s. intervention, then fights russian terrorists on his plane.
    pretty fun, i guess lol
    some nice camera movements, courtesy michael ballhaus asc 😇

  • The Guilty

    The Guilty

    nic pizzolato's (sometimes surface level) writing style needs an edgier director than this, and an edgier platform than netflix 😔😓 (and probably an edgier actor than jakey lol, though he's very watchable here)
    wish it was ethan hawke lol
    would've been interesting to see the third act be entirely after emily is found and joe struggling with his guilt

  • Shershaah



    movies can be without character arcs, internal conflicts, and can adhere to drama in lieu of logic. but movie should be good also, while this is just flat and boring
    politics and themes toh rehne do, i guess
    havent learnt anything about his character that i didn't presume before watching
    extra half star for giving him bangs and pretending this 35 yo man is 20

    miscellaneous: if his brother and his bond is so important, why don't we see him…