Alexandra Andersen

Alexandra Andersen

I'm just here to find and list scary movies so I can find the most terrifying ones.

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  • American Satan

    American Satan


    This movie makes me want to die. I hate it so much.

  • Verotika


    It's so bad, I won't even humor it with a rating.

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  • Tales of Terror: Haunted Apartment

    Tales of Terror: Haunted Apartment


    The award for the most terrifying movie poster I have ever laid my eyes on goes to this weird little gem.

    The story of A father and his daughter who move into a new apartment complex with a couple of quirks, such as a dead school girl cursing the place, and instilling a curfew that if not followed, has dire consequences, now it's up to the daughter to figure out what's going on, which when she finally gave into figuring…

  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    I don't know which was more difficult to endure, Lars Von Trier's nodding to his own work in the film, or that last 30 minutes of this film. Don't get me wrong I honestly enjoyed the film, and I think this is my favorite performance of Matt Dillon, but that abrupt shift at the end really threw me for a loop, and not in a way I cared for.