Tales of Terror: Haunted Apartment ★★★

The award for the most terrifying movie poster I have ever laid my eyes on goes to this weird little gem.

The story of A father and his daughter who move into a new apartment complex with a couple of quirks, such as a dead school girl cursing the place, and instilling a curfew that if not followed, has dire consequences, now it's up to the daughter to figure out what's going on, which when she finally gave into figuring out how to stop said curse, only took like 5 mins.

One thing I enjoy with this movie is the different aspects from the different families, which in hindsight, I don't see a lot in movies that take place in apartment complexes (I'm specifically looking at you Dark Water!).

I read somewhere that this is a straight to video/TV movie, and to be frank, that is never a title that peaks many people interest, but for some reason, I have found that straight to Video/TV movies from Japan, tend to be decent. Miike, and Shimizu have both said that straight to video films are more fun to make, because you can get away with a lot more. This movie is no exception. it's unnerving, it's weird, it's kinda silly, and it is interesting.

Honestly, it's a decent movie if you are trying to find more J-horror.