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  • True Mothers

  • Two Days, One Night

  • Funny Games

  • Il Mare

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  • The Platform

    The Platform

    You are nothing short of a violent animal when it comes to surviving, the moment you start to look what to do with this sustained life you start to become a human.But the misery is there are huge forces working against all the possibilities of us becoming human and they’ve designed an order where life goes no more than what is already designated without our approval.We struggle and survive for decades to achieve nothing but to give a physical death…

  • About Endlessness

    About Endlessness

    Cruel is the existence of this world, for it is humans who primarily populate it.They are at the same time the most vulnerable and the most violent, both aspects continuously clashing with each other which in the end makes the world a place that’s not completely pleasant. Those who are aware of this condition try less or nothing at all to make anything better for they are already selfishly consumed with their own life.We are born and we die hoping…

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  • Going My Home

    Going My Home

    Every time when i watch a Kore-eda film i always desire that it should never end,that the world of Kore-eda should continue life long. Now I am more than happy that i got the chance of immersing myself in a somewhat endless experience that is of purely the master's signature.

    It is a mini-series of ten episodes 50 minutes each,with emotions that is so real and will be with me forever.I don't think that i can find words that can…

  • Labour of Love

    Labour of Love

    The beauty of silence,waiting and daily life’s excitements and struggles all wrapped in a light emotional breeze which becomes hard once it hits you and takes rapid uncontrollable growth inside the body and soul.The film’s concern is mainly about a relationship that’s distanced due to the political crisis of the country while rooting itself in the one of the best character explorations and camera works.The visual language is so sublime that one can immerse himself inside as long as he…