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  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
  • Thor: Ragnarok
  • Captain America: The Winter Soldier
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • The Avengers

STUDIO: Marvel Cinematic Universe, Best To Worst

24 films

Everyone else has a ranking, so now it's my turn! Top 10 are all films I love, and the rest…

  • Mad God
  • The Sparks Brothers
  • Bo Burnham: Inside
  • The Beatles: Get Back
  • Barb & Star Go to Vista Del Mar

YEAR: 2021, Best To Worst

28 films

Aaaand off we go again!

  • Intruder
  • DeepStar Six
  • The Great Mouse Detective
  • Soul
  • Near Dark

365 Days, 365 Movies

264 films

I'm not saying anything remotely new by stating "last year was dogshit".

And while I did watch/discover a lot of…

  • 28 Days Later
  • 28 Weeks Later
  • 30 Days of Night
  • The Adventures of Hercules
  • The Adventures of Tintin

Personal Collection (Blu-Ray + 4K) [12-26-2021]

590 films

Everything I own, sorted alphabetically as it appears on the shelf (meaning: some titles are grouped together according to specific…

  • On Her Majesty's Secret Service
  • From Russia with Love
  • Dr. No
  • Goldfinger
  • Diamonds Are Forever

You Only Watch Bond: A 007 Franchise Run, Best To Worst

7 films

So before this point in my life, I'd never seen a single film from the James Bond series that was…

  • Prince of Darkness
  • The Thing
  • In the Mouth of Madness
  • Assault on Precinct 13
  • Halloween

DIRECTOR: John Carpenter, Best To Worst

17 films

Been filling in my remaining gaps in his filmography (almost exclusively the non-horror stuff) so I decided to throw together…

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch
  • Halloween
  • Halloween 4: The Return of Michael Myers
  • Halloween
  • Halloween II

SERIES: "Halloween", Best To Worst

12 films

Just finished running through the entire series this week (and watching 8 of the 11 films for the very first…

  • Possession
  • Prince of Darkness
  • The Innocents
  • The Hitcher
  • The Brood

HOOPTOBER EIGHT: Ranked And Reviewed!

39 films

Link to original list!

Finally calling a wrap on my very first Hooptober!

I actually finished my final viewing of…

  • Terrified
  • Roadgames
  • The Brood
  • Nosferatu the Vampyre
  • Asylum

HOOPTOBER EIGHT: Better Eight Than Never!

39 films

Done! Link to ranking and reviews!

I am beyond excited to be participating in my very first Hooptober this season,…

  • Pan's Labyrinth
  • The Devil's Backbone
  • The Shape of Water
  • Pacific Rim
  • Crimson Peak

DIRECTOR: Guillermo Del Toro, Best To Worst

10 films

Everybody's favorite, delightful(ly) rotund Mexican geek...ranked!

  • Crip Camp: A Disability Revolution
  • Hamilton
  • Color Out of Space
  • The Platform
  • Possessor

YEAR: 2020, Best To Worst

41 films

Not every single film released, but every single film I watch.

  • The Lighthouse
  • Us
  • Uncut Gems
  • High Life
  • Honey Boy

YEAR: 2019, Best To Worst

19 films

Still catching up on films, so very much a work-in-progress. ........ Unseen: - Alita: Battle Angel - American Factory -…