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  • Saint Omer
  • Decision to Leave
  • Remember My Name
  • TÁR

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  • Infinity Pool

  • All the Streets Are Silent: The Convergence of Hip Hop and Skateboarding (1987-1997)

  • To Leslie

  • I Am Not a Witch

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  • Infinity Pool

    Infinity Pool

    Mia Goth stays excitingly creepy, Alexander Skarsgård plays “handsome white man in trouble” to perfection, although my mind still goes to his guest appearance in that episode of Atlanta. The one where he is also part of a sadomasochistic game with a weird girl that culminates in him doing a gross ritual with rich people. While it doesn’t feature Skarsgård dancing to Ashanti, Infinity Pool’s fortunate enough to spruce everything up with Brandon Cronenberg’s vibe of lethargic excess, and a…

  • Saint Omer

    Saint Omer

    Clearly affected by the whole Laurence Coly trial as it unfolds, Rama stays steady through the hearings even as she’s visibly rattled and later calling back to past experiences with her Senegalese mother’s sadness and struggle. Her demeanor stays up until Laurence turns to her, locking eyes for what seem like an eternity. Finally, Laurence smiles. Rama smiles back. When the court day is over, she returns to her hotel room and finally breaks down. Laurence let her child get…

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  • Bo Burnham: Inside

    Bo Burnham: Inside

    "I hate Woody Allen physically, I dislike that kind of man. He has the Chaplin Disease; that particular combination of arrogance and timidity sets my teeth on edge. Like all people with timid personalities his arrogance is unlimited. Anybody who speaks quietly and shrivels up in company is unbelievably arrogant. He acts shy, but he loves himself; a very tense situation. It's people like me who have to carry on and pretend to be modest. To me, it's the most…

  • Cuck


    Who is this for? Literally who?

    The left will hate the bigoted main character who starts out that way (there’s no descent down the “alt-right rabbithole” as the marketing would have you believe). The right will hate him because he’s a strawman, and only justifies their “everyone not like me is against us” delusion. He’s unsympathetic in every way because he’s the agent of his own demise, picking fights with people of color and openly calling women “bitches,” but also…