Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko ★★★★

The biggest thing about this film is that it is highly debated if this film is a great film or a crappy film that people read to much into. I have only seen the the director's cut once and it I felt that I tried to explain to much and ruined some of the ambiguity of what the film is about and what it means. This film is one that I enjoy but every time I watch it I like it less than I did when I first watched it and spent hours trying to figure out what all if it ment. This film is like a dumber version of Primer which is not a put down because Primer is one smart film. When this film was first shown, the most talked about thing thing was the bunny rather than the whole issue of time vs destiny. This film is a giant testament of what a director can really do with a great script and then what happens to him after words because he has become to most people a one trick pony since all of his other two films have been very miss and the box was hated by almost everyone who saw it. He has the potential to do some brilliant things but he missed the chance of making great films but he always does ambitious films at the very least.

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