Frances Ha

Frances Ha ★★★★½

I never got a chance to see this and I am still kicking myself because I was excited to see it. The combination of Greta and Noah is fabulous. They did some good stuff in Greenberg an this tops it at least I think do now. Greta is a great actress who I always looks forward to her movies even though she has made some terrible romantic comedies as of lately but I guess that pays the bills. Frances is such a neurotic character that reminds me a lot of Annie Hall but I can't help to feel bad for her even though she has made a lot of bad choices and decisions that lead her to where she ends up. The pacing for this films moved at such a quick pace that it is hard to think how long you have been watching it. I'll admit that Frances does remind me a little of Hannah from Girls at times but still Frances is her own woman even if she doesn't have her stuff together. The scenes with her in Paris are touching, funny, sad, happy and depressing. Greta should get nominated for an Oscar but she won't which is a shame.

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