Annette ★★★


A rock opera that completely goes for broke creatively in telling a story about a self-loathing and abusive comedian, his celebrity couple romance with an opera star, and the exploitation of their daughter. It's absolutely absurd at times and full of incredibly wild swings like singing during oral sex (multiple times!), the entertainment news-style updates at various points in the plot (which feels very much like the ones in "Romeo + Juliet"), and, of course, the fact that their child is a freaking wooden puppet. It does a lose a bit of steam in the middle but the dark and strange ending will stick with you for sure.

I honestly couldn't begin to presume who will and won't like this, so it's very much a try and see situation. I also fully understand why it'll be divisive and have people that hate it as much others love it. The movie is cynical as all get out and doesn't leave you feeling particularly good. However, I find it to be an extraordinarily unique piece of musical cinema with amazing production value led by yet another incredible performance by Driver, and I was never even close to bored. I do wish the extremely catchy songs would have gone on a little bit longer sometimes, though, because it was often only a repeated chorus that stuck with me. But hey, nitpicks.

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