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Scream 2 ★★★★★

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I think it's high time we admit that "Scream 2" is part of one of the all-time great film duos. Nearly the first film's equal in cleverness, somehow still just as tricky to figure out resulting in a great whodunit and twisty ending, and featuring some truly exciting and violent kill sequences. The opening prologue and film-within-a-film setup is incredible, as is all of the playful fun this movie has joking about horror sequels and particularly how typically inferior they are, all while becoming one of the best ever. I love how much character growth happens for everyone, and how much more emotionally invested we are because of previous time spent with them. The Timothy Olyphant performance is a highlight and there are a slew of 90's actors that 18-year old me had a crush on, like Neve Campbell (whose next movie would be "Wild Things"), Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Rebecca Gayheart, plus cameos from other favorites in Heather Graham, Tori Spelling, and Josh Jackson. This really hits the spot as a progression from the original "Scream" and makes for an awesome marathon experience.

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