• The Amazing Spider-Man

    The Amazing Spider-Man


    I would die for Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy. Biggest comic book movie crush I've ever had. Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man might be my second biggest.

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  • The Card Counter

    The Card Counter


    "Any man can tilt."

    I'm all in. Sure, it's extremely similar to what Schrader has done before (and at times can be a little too on the nose), but it still works. Oscar Isaac, like Ethan Hawke, may just be giving a career-best performance as one of Schrader's tormented characters, sorrowfully wandering in self-imposed isolation. He wears a poker face and gets through life by numbly sticking to his daily game routine, but slowly reveals his feelings and past through…

  • The Lost Daughter

    The Lost Daughter


    Full of incredible actresses all doing extremely layered work, so it's too bad that the film feels messy in a way that kept me from deeply connecting with it on the whole. It's very rich material and no doubt a powerful exploration of motherhood, but there's often a suspenseful air to it that didn't quite pay off for me. Colman and Buckley are captivating when they're on screen, I just don't think the mystery mixed with the psychological drama tightly…

  • Spider-Man 3

    Spider-Man 3


    There is a whole lot (i.e. too much) going on here and because of that this entry can feel much more messy than the previous two. It also has some downright horrible CGI action sequences, goofy characters like Eddie Brock who gleefully introduces himself to Gwen's father while taking a picture of her dangling from the side of a crumbling building, Tobey Maguire trying to cry (off), corny evil Peter Parker, and the entire symbiote storyline that makes sense as…

  • Spider-Man 2

    Spider-Man 2


    I've always thought that Peter unmasked on the train is a top five all-time superhero cinema moment. I also adore opening credits and how they retell the first film through single image highlights. The whole sequence looks stunningly crisp in 4K. But this time around, everything clicked for me about this picture in the way that it has for so many others. It is, undoubtedly, a top tier perfect movie.

    The action is incredible, fast and exciting, and with Doc…

  • Spider-Man



    I'm not really into arguing about who did what better. Tobey is a fantastic Peter Parker and this film holds up incredibly well. Maybe the only big complaint I have is that some of the CGI is laughably bad, even accounting for the time when it was made. But this is just such a well-told origin story, the likes of which we've seen attempts at replicating across the superhero medium countless times now, but rarely done better. The best friend…

  • One Shot

    One Shot


    There's a scene in this movie where a guy in one building is staring into an old computer monitor and supposedly video chatting with a colleague in another area. But there was no webcam and no microphone. Outrageously lazy production design flaw. So disappointed. The story is also pretty bland and generic terrorist stuff that only exists to provide a setup for this "Assault on Precinct 13" kind of scenario. There is a pretty good scene depicting what it might…

  • The Summit of the Gods

    The Summit of the Gods


    Sometimes a movie just feels made for you. This is one of those times I get to experience that, and I wish so badly that I could have seen this in a movie theater.

    "The Summit of the Gods" is a French anime style adaptation of a Japanese manga that itself is an adaptation of Baku Yumemakura's 1998 historical adventure novel. The plot is fictitious, following a reporter/photojournalist named Fukamachi Makoto who comes in contact with a mysterious climber named…

  • Swan Song

    Swan Song


    You may see some nifty tech (this is a film produced by Apple after all) at the beginning of and occasionally throughout the film, but this is a purely philosophical and emotional exploration within the genre and not really focused at all on the futuristic basis for its setting. It's very slow, and possibly too drawn out honestly, but still very affecting. The grounded performance is perfect for dealing with the themes of the movie about life and death, truth…

  • Nightmare Alley

    Nightmare Alley


    Loved this. Classic noir style focusing on a manipulative con man and his progressively more risky schemes, and all the people that he uses and/or is used by along the way. Tyrone Power and Coleen Gray are outstanding. The aesthetic is everything I want from this genre - mysterious, dark, romantic, full of moral dilemma and beautifully memorable images. I like how much this addresses the spiritual aspect of how Stan's game affects the people he plays. I also can't…

  • Nightmare Alley

    Nightmare Alley


    Nearly 2.5 hours of incredibly beautiful boredom. It's not funny. It's not scary. It's not mysterious. It's not romantic. A story so uninteresting that I truly thought we were just being trolled. Bring coffee.

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  • The Power of the Dog

    The Power of the Dog


    This is the kind of movie that moves so slowly and methodically that you instantly wish you'd seen it in a theater without any distractions rather than at home on Netflix. It's a story delivered in such a way that all but forces you to sit in and feel the silences and awkwardness and pain its characters experience (and cause). It's also a lot more straightforward than I expected with regards to theme. There's some serious "Phantom Thread" vibes to…