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  • Pavement: Slow Century

    Pavement: Slow Century


    I get that this movie is partially aping the aesthetic and ethos of Pavement itself in its construction, but the results are not nearly as effective for a documentary. Would not be a good choice to try to win over any new fans. A lot of middling quality live footage that plays out in sometimes 5-10 minute uninterrupted chunks. Very little spotlight on any of their studio stuff, which to me is most of the band’s appeal.

  • An Evening with Tim Heidecker

    An Evening with Tim Heidecker


    I was recently named one of the top 5 comedians in the country by a comedy magazine

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  • Inception



    From a cultural standpoint, it is extremely embarrassing to me that this is considered good by anyone.

  • A Brighter Summer Day

    A Brighter Summer Day


    An epic, but not in that self-indulgent way that many American films tend to earn that classification.

    This film is epic in scope, in staging, in length, in the sheer number of characters given significant roles. It is also epic in execution – the caliber of performances from a large, predominantly young cast is awe-inspiring.

    The story, however, is not a traditional epic story. On paper, it actually seems fairly small. Yet somehow, its translation to an epic 4-hour length…