Her ★★★½

This was a very interesting film. The first thing I noticed was the use of colour, which was gorgeous and possibly the best part of the film - subdued reds and bright but complimentary colours throughout made it a very fun and aesthetically pleasing film to watch.

It reminded me a lot of Sofia Coppola's films, especially Lost in Translation, although this is probably because I haven't seen any other Jonze films. The similarity with Lost in Translation was in the characters, very few and only three were properly explored. Despite this, they were much deeper characters than in Lost in Translation, and this film struck me as what Lost in Translation could have been with a bit more direction. This lack of characters is not my favourite, since as a TV addict I like my characters fleshed out and with complex intertwining relationships. However, the focus on so few characters did allow exploration of Samantha and Theodore's relationship and raised many questions on the nature of love. It makes me very happy when I come out of a film with a different perspective on the world and Her definitely did that.

Overall, this was an extremely pretty film with excellent acting and a beautiful script, but it still seemed to be missing something to elevate it to a fantastic film.

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