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  • Stuber



    Truly another pleasant surprise. The marketing for this has been terrible, and I had almost removed it from my watchlist until I was left with a planless afternoon and nothing else I hadn’t seen already playing at the closest theatre. 

    Give Dave Bautista more roles, he’s actually quite great. I enjoyed the chemistry between Bautista and Kumail Nanjiani. There is some incredibly on-the-nose writing here, but enough jokes and funny characters to keep it afloat. The third act twist is very bad, but I thought the ending was great. Honestly would totally be down for a sequel.

  • San Andreas

    San Andreas


    Don’t know why I enjoy this movie so much seeing as I grew up in Los Angeles and have been spending this summer living in San Francisco

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  • Jaws



    Was flipping through channels and saw that Starz was playing this, and since it’s arguably the greatest Summer Blockbuster of all time, I figured I’d give it another watch.

    My mom really doesn’t give two shits about movies or tv. She spends most of her time on the phone if we watch a movie together at home. This was one of the only times in recent memory where she actually payed attention and was glued to the screen the entire…

  • Midsommar



    For being one of my most anticipated movies this year, I had incredibly high expectations for this, and thank god they were met. Ari Aster is a master behind the camera. The performances from Florence Pugh and Jack Raynor were amazing. The visuals. THE VISUALS. The Van Gogh like warping of the backgrounds was easily my favorite part. This movie is such an experience. Totally unexpected and mind bending. Can’t wait to rewatch.