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  • Hitman: Agent Jun

    Hitman: Agent Jun


    A mix of hitmanism, patriotism, villainism and most importantly, about application of self discovery.
    Hero is not ready to give his most valuable and mind relieving art away.
    But patriotism makes him committed to hitmanism.
    But his self discovered art which gives every person, the ultimate relief, hero also chooses to be the one who chase his dreams.
    Hero and his family and other characters gives us a mix of emotions, humors.
    Others give some mix of blind patriotism and villian give us all the necessary actions needed to make it entertaining.
    My rating 3.123/5

  • I See You

    I See You


    Although the plot is shown in various movies, some new theme into this missing person kind of movies make this interesting.
    The film gets unfold beautifully during its course. Making excels in every area.
    With a very good climax, film is giving some message to the society
    My rating 2.456/5

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  • Honest Thief

    Honest Thief


    Mostly I can tell, a bomb with no fuse(its shown in the film only at end). These contents are seen a hell lot of times in many movies all over the world.
    Liam Neeson as usual easily carries on his shoulders almost same roles he has been doing over years. He is tired bcz of age, that can be seen.

  • Love and Monsters

    Love and Monsters


    Never get out of the colony, wherever you go, finally settle in ur colony.
    You will meet many people out there, some teaches good, some good experiences.
    Go out, never settle...
    What a worth time spending on this film.
    Meaningfully built......