Spring Breakers

Spring Breakers ★★★★½

Spring Breakers might be the best edited film I've ever seen. The way the shots flowed and transitioned into one another made the whole film seem like one big montage, and not only was that an extremely hard thing to do, but it complimented the tone of the film hugely. Spring Breakers felt all like one scene. You were constantly being glided from one spot to the next, and at no point did it drag on. The film was paced brilliantly and really managed to capture the essence of partying and depravity and not only that, but managed to make its characters unbelievably intriguing (as opposed to insufferably annoying as a film like this could easily have done).

Thankfully this was in the hands of Harmony Korine, who after watching Gummo, I had decided was a modern genius. His films are always like a dog taking a fat shit and then having it spray painted bright neon pink and colouring it with sprinkles. It's a shockingly depraved world in Spring Breakers, but a strangely magnetic one at that. The film stays with you long after the credits roll and makes you think about why people seek out experiences like this.

Korine takes you on a neon thrill ride on a strangely cathartic road to self destruction that fully submerges you into the depths of lust and sin. It's a fascinating sensory experience, and I can only imagine it'll get better with more rewatches. Spring Breakers could very well be art.

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