The Double Life of Véronique

The Double Life of Véronique ★★

I really wanted to like it. Maybe I'm an uneducated ignorant pleb who can't appreciate art but I really took nothing away from this.
I can get through a film as long as there is:
A clear goal
Good characters
Good development
An interesting premise
Some nice visual metaphors
Clarity in the story
Some kind of explanation for what's going on
Engaging dialogue
A decent ending

This film had none of these. I see from the reviews that a lot of people on letterboxd praised this film for its good use of colours and variety of emotions and tones this film sets. I didn't find any of these. I was looking everywhere for some kind of emotional attatchment to the character but all I could find was the time when she looks at the camera and smiles.

I wanted to love this film. I stuck with it right through the end. I hoped that the end would tie everything off nicely, that it would give some sort of clarity on what the point was or what was going on, but ultimately, there was nothing. I found no point to the film, nothing to learn from, nothing to gain, no characters that I felt connected to, no lessons I learned. The film is basically a series of average and mundane things that a person called Veronique does in her life. The most dramatic thing that happens is when Weronika (her polish doppelganger) dies after singing so beautifully in a concert. That was the only scene that kept me engaged.

After that it's just some vague plot about Veronique doing something for her friend that is never fully explained, and that she falls in love with a pupeteer (and yes, I got the whole metaphor there) and that's it. If there was some deep philosophical meaning behind it, I absolutely failed to grasp it. To me, the film poses more questions than answers. And that seriously gets on my nerves. The fact that the director fails to come to any logical conclsion and leaves us dangling in the air shows that he doesn't really have and answer.

I was tempted to keep quiet about it and just give this an average rating like everyone else but I felt compelled to speak my mind. I'm sure lots of people found some kind of meaning in this, but I failed to see how. To me, it just seemes like a bunch of unrelated segments of life sewn together loosely by weak characters and little to no interesting events taking place.

There's probably something I'm not getting, but that wasn't because I wasn't paying attention. I wholeheartedly wanted to enjoy the film just as much as you guys did. But ultimately I was disappointed. So disappointed in fact that I felt that I had to let others know. This film was not what I expected. And that's not a good thing.

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