Aftersun ★★★★½

Conveyed with a cosmic touch of sensibility, implicit observations, and dignified naturalism, Wells' debut feature evenly heightens a ruminative exploration of human evocations, parenthood, relations and one's inner conflicts- where the emotions are understated, reflected through only its silence and existing hypnotic ambience- feels like the highest kind of sensory experience in its entirety.

Executed with a mature sense of originality and nuanced performances from both Mescal and Corio, this film operates in a way where nothing much happens but emanates tenderness and human empathy evincing the hidden despair and mysteries of the human spirit. All in all, "Aftersun" succeeds in offering an aching and masterly portrait delineating a tragic, percipient reminiscence and mirroring the sense of human identity in the utmost sincere way.

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