The Phantom Carriage

The Phantom Carriage ★★★★★

Victor Sjöström's this silent masterwork is quite difficult to put into limited words- what it delivers is a deeply spiritual tale of redemption and a meditation on love, life, death and beyond. Actually I'd say this film is like a reminder of that why cinema is an imperative thing in our life.

"The phantom Carriage" is a perfect composition of visual poetry and harrowing viciousness. One just can't ignore its significance in Cinema whether technically or thematically. Afterall "The Phantom Carriage" is a visually groundbreaking work and also a highly esteemed one.

It's expressive double-exposure photography, idiosyncratic narrative structure using flashbacks within flashbacks and wistful music- literally Victor made this film with consummate elegance. "It completely overwhelmed me. I was shaken to the core.” Bergman said that while discussing how "The Phantom Carriage" made a huge impact on his career and even we can find resemblance to this in "The Seventh Seal."

Absolutely entrancing and petrifying in its nature and credit goes to this resplendent editing of the film for that. Though it's mostly considered as an inventive silent classic horror tale, but this one is much more than that- a distressing tale of morality or like a statement in favour of moral rationality of Cinema.

Despite all the eeriness of it, Sjöström's film upholds the value of life and its fulfillment over death. Undeniably "The Phantom Carriage"is a striking work of art and indeed a significant film in the inception of expressionist cinema.

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