Eternals ★★½

It felt like it was going on for an ETERNITY.

With the introduction of about 10 immortal  characters it was going to be a difficult time for anyone to create a film with a solid foundation. Which is most likely why this movie tries its best to spend as much time with each character before they rejoin the team. Giving us brief moments of their history on Earth throughout their 7000 year stay. Each of these Eternals are interesting, some more than others but mostly decent enough nonetheless. Phastos, Giglamesh, Druig, and Makkari being the standouts even if they are put to the side for most of the film. And though I still enjoy the rest of the cast many of their characters begin to disappear for plot purposes such as Kingo and even Sprite. I would be more than interested to revisit these characters which is clearly Marvel’s intention. But maybe it would work better as a series instead of another film. Since the length, pacing, and some character moments were my biggest problems. Even with it being well shot and acted.

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