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  • Soul



    I’ve always been astounded by Pixar’s ability of creating films that are child-friendly and yet tackling such existential themes and doing it EXTREMELY well. You could watch their films as a child and an adult and you’d enjoy both viewings equally. Soul carries on that Pixar magic and manages to take it to an even deeper level and I honestly just can’t fathom the amount of talent you must have in order to create a film that is so child-friendly…

  • Paperman

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  • Chernobyl



    What caused the horrifying aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster was not the radioactive fallout, it was the result of men, who had the chance to make a difference, turning a blind eye to what's right. It was the consequence of choosing to disregard the consequences of your own actions for the purpose of pride and self-interest. Overlooking the bigger picture because you only care about the small one. Behind all the political insinuations, I believe this is the message the…

  • Burning



    Although it took me 3 days to finish this (mainly due to heavy procrastination), it was easily one of the best movies from last year. It really lets you soak into its atmosphere, to the point where you legitimately feel everything Jongsu is feeling.

    Jongsu feels powerless, and that powerlessness was clear throughout the whole movie. From his dad's imprisonment, to the "Mr. Steal Yo Girl" scenes with Ben, to Haemi's disappearance, while Ben seems to have everything in the…