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  • The Secret Invasion


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  • The Secret Invasion

    The Secret Invasion


    Surprisingly dark and gory for the era (far more so than The Longest Day, which is only two years older; this is closer to a Samuel Fuller movie).

    Mickey Rooney overdoes it as the leprechaun-esque, booze-obsessed IRA guy, but Henry Silva is outstanding.

  • China White

    China White


    Nothing says late 80s/early 90s quite like thanking Adidas, Marlboro, and Ray-Ban in the credits.

    Bog-standard action: the brutal, squibby finale is a highlight, but a long time in coming. One star for Billy Drago (has it really been three years since he died?), one star because that poster is gorgeously lurid and I would definitely put that on a wall.

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  • Shadows



    John Cassavetes completed his directorial debut the same year that Douglas Sirk's Imitation of Life - which also features a young African-American girl who "passes" - was released, but while Imitation of Life wraps this moving and compelling plotline in plush soap opera, Shadows strips it bare. Shot (illegally) on location in New York City, it resembles, as others have pointed it out, a motion picture version of Robert Frank's The Americans: unhappy lives in gritty yet luminous black and…

  • Interstellar



    My advice: if you're going to see Interstellar - which has astounded many audiences and divided many critics - prepare to be exhausted.

    This is exhausting in its huge scope, its Hans Zimmer score, and its expository approach to both science fiction and science fact. Depending on your personality and tastes, it may also be exhausting on an emotional level. Since I had both reactions, I have no doubt that some people will be deeply moved by this film's themes…