Annette ★★★½

Din expect it to like as much from the start given how tentative I was going in knowing I haven't really watched a musical after La La Land. This film is far more a musical than that for sure in a weird way too even though both are about a couple or two careerist individuals trying to live with each other. The production design is abstract, the music is rock opera, probably the reason why I could enjoy it throughout despite how strangely placed they were. Literally, everything is in singing, from the audience to even small reactionary stuff like reporters taking photos and singing "Give us a pose, give us a pose please!". It was funny and bonkers at the same time, which I was mostly on board with mainly bcz of the 2 lead performances. But something happened down the middle and my most favorite part of the film is sacrificed, the plot took precedence. From then on, I started losing interest as the Adam Driver character is not a likable one, and I began to look for answers about what it all means again! In the end, the 140 minutes runtime didn't bother me much as I enjoyed a lot of it and the audio-visual experience wasn't bad either. Now I really need to check out this director's Holy Motors. Cortilard is amazing, but its Drivers' show all the way.