Spider-Man: Far From Home

Spider-Man: Far From Home ★★½

The high budget mediocrity continues. I guess I’m expecting too much of the MCU to take some risks and actually tell a story that just doesn’t feel so...forced? 

I don’t know — Gyllenhaal was solid as Mysterio and definitely one of the better MCU villains other than his overbearing exposition; I get the fact that he’s maniacal and ranting but explaining the “evil plan” just like that just feels so lazy. The whole drone thing was “dumb fun” but leaning a lot more heavily on the dumb.

BY FAR the highlight of the movie was the Mysterio visions which were an absolute trip and just goes to show how truly talented these animators are who work on these blockbuster movies; they truly deserve more recognition. 

Holland does a great job as Peter but once again the story just seems to be our “hero” constantly messing up and attempting to fix his mistakes. Zendaya as MJ is solid as well —although their whole relationship does seem a little forced at times so I would have appreciated more of a buildup.

It’s a Spider-Man movie so I’m obviously going to have a biased good time.  Though it was entertaining for the most part — its lazy writing and dull characterization ultimately get the best of it. It’s not necessarily bad but I can’t really recommend it as even a great superhero film. What it is though is just standard MCU fare: Light, yet dumb, blockbuster entertainment. But there are some moments in this film that even lean into being as forgettable as Thor: The Dark World. Yep, I said it.

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