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  • A Serious Man

    A Serious Man

    A Serious Man had me gripped from the first frames, and the film conjures a woozy, weightless feeling, combined with an almost hallucinatory clarity and a heightened sense of itself.
    Euphoric, sad and thoughtful all at once, this strange and wonderful film is rounded off with a gloriously well-crafted apocalyptic vision and a chilling intimation of divine retribution for earthly wrongdoing.

  • Son of Saul

    Son of Saul

    Nemes relies on long and sinuous travelling shots, closely and insistently following Saul in his paces even as the action around him changes drastically, from calm to frenzied and back. Nemes’s images mainly stick close to Saul, showing the back of his head as he walks, capturing his wide-eyed and distant gaze when his face is seen but showing little of what Saul actually sees. The events in the camp, the roundup of deportees, the hauling of corpses, the shovelling…

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  • Embrace of the Serpent

    Embrace of the Serpent

    Ciro Guerra’s psychedelic Amazonian odyssey is one of the most potent and strikingly original films ever made. David Gallego’s breathtaking 35mm cinematography lends widescreen monochrome beauty, with Carlos García’s natural, ambient sound design.

    Colonialism and memory serve as the twin forces steadily erasing an entire cultural heritage on this slow-burn journey down the Amazon. It’s a film pregnant with mystical symbolism.
    Punching a hole between its twin points in time, the film lays bare the destructive force of modern man on his environment. Nature itself finally offers up a vision of enlightenment, albeit one that’s too late for salvation.

  • La Ciénaga

    La Ciénaga

    La Ciénaga is precisely a movie about unproductive pursuits, wasted time, the dissipation of energy, inactivity. Its characters are stuck in a bog and not one of them seems to notice they're sinking without hope of rescue. I'm really inspired by the use of off-camera space, scenes begin in the middle and are interrupted before their outcome and there's always something that has been moved or eliminated from one shot to the next.

    It uses the genre mechanisms that foreshadow…