HQ membership

Our new HQ tier is the best way for organizations—including studios, distributors, festivals, theaters, podcasts and other film-related entities—to engage with and participate alongside our member community.

HQ accounts have most of the same capabilities as regular paid accounts, with a couple of notable exceptions (no public watchlist, no stats pages, no favorite films) and a number of additional tools. HQ accounts can:

  • Post stories and links, which appear in their followers’ activity feeds. Stories are news articles published on the Letterboxd platform, while links point to news or content on external sites.
  • Add a user-uploaded backdrop to their profile.
  • Link to team members’ individual accounts from their profile.
  • Pin a list (and its comments) to the top of their profile.
  • Highlight other members’ reviews on their (web) profile by liking them.
  • See impression analytics for their profile and content.

HQ accounts do not see any display advertising, nor do ads appear on any of their pages for other members, including free members.

HQ accounts may rate films if they wish, but these ratings do not contribute to the weighted average for a film.

See the full list of HQ members.

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