Paid subscriptions (iOS)

In the spirit of encouraging payment in support of the online services we use and love, Letterboxd has a paid subscription tier in addition to its free membership tier (which will always remain available). Pro members get the benefit of several advanced features, including:

Pro benefits

  • Removal of third-party ads and associated tracking
  • Personalized stats pages like these (for each year of activity logged, and for all-time)
  • The option to set your favorite streaming services and filter by what’s available on any of those platforms in one go
  • Email and/or push notifications when films in your watchlist arrive on one of your favorite services
  • Filtering based on one or more lists of the films you own (physically or digitally)
  • Filtering of your activity feed by activity type
  • The option to pin reviews to your profile
  • Creating clones of your own or other members’ lists
  • Changing your username (once every 90 days)

Subscriptions are payable on an annual basis using Apple’s in-app purchase option, and renew annually unless cancelled prior. Upgrading covers you for all use of our service on the web and in our apps! Paid members are reminded via email when their subscription is nearing its renewal date. If they are not renewed, Pro accounts revert to free accounts on their expiration date.

A Patron tier is also available. This represents the pinnacle of support:

Patron benefits

  • All the benefits of the Pro tier listed above
  • Your profile listed in our Patrons directory
  • The option to display a backdrop from your first favorite film (if available) on your profile
  • The option to display backdrops on your diary entries, reviews and lists
  • Early access to select new features, including…
  • The ability to add all visible films on a page to a list or watchlist in one go (web only)
  • Additional stats components such as the list of all-time films you’ve rated higher (and lower) than the community average, your most-watched Themes and Nanogenres, and the highest-rated films for each year based on the members you follow
  • And coming very soon: the option to select your own poster for any film!

Letterboxd is 100 percent funded by its founders, and we’d love your support to continue to build the best community of film lovers anywhere in the world. If you have any questions, please get in touch.

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