The Goldfinch

The Goldfinch ★★★½

maybe sometimes good can come from bad 

contrary to critic’s belief, this wasn’t bad and i liked it, but i think i understand (at least in part) why the bad reviews. it’s a two hour and a half long movie that tries to say maybe too much and ends up saying very little. i literally felt at parts that it was trying to just say something that i could never understand  and i believe maybe the thing is that it was trying too hard. the first hour or so bored me (i watched it this morning and thought maybe i was bored because it was too early but i mean..... I was actually bored) but then it became much more interesting.

BUT, i do think that almost everyone was too harsh on this because it has really nice stuff going on too! the cinematography, for starts, it’s so beautiful (roger deakins is GOD i just know it), the story (tho it could’ve been better executed) as well and now i truly want to read the novel. i also LOVED the ending for some reason, i mean as soon as the credits rolled i started to cry (i wasn’t expecting that) and the acting was pretty solid too.

i get many people’s problem with this movie but i found it to be much better than what almost everyone made it sound/look, and i’m happy to say i didn’t disappoint my boy ansel (nor his mom) and enjoyed this

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