The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 ★★

i have a few points to, uhhhh, bring into the spotlight such as: why is there a CGI BABY. “yoU niCkNaMeD mY dAUghTeR afTEr tHE loCH nEsS mONsTeR”  PEAK OF COMEDY. also why is bella trying to explain her dad some things “changed” but without telling him she’s a vampire oh my god asdfghjk and why is bella so strong she’s been a vampire for like two days🤨🤨  and whats jacob’s relationship with that baby it’s so creepy🤢🤢 and if that isn’t enough less than ten minutes later she’s not a baby anymore. also all this people???i mean RAMI MALEK what is he doing here this movie is full of surprises. joe anderson is here and I didn’t know it??? this universe confuses me so much and mickey milkovich from shameless??????  bUT i have to admit at the beginning i was like “who’d want to become inmortal just for a cute vampire ????” but then i saw vampire lee pace (what is he doing here and why didn’t i know that??) and changed my mind 👀😍 whatever, why is everyone so pale ???? i get they’re vampires but they’re WAY too pale nobody thought “hey this is too much make up”??? what’s jacob still doing there? why did alice and jasper leave????  i don’t know there’s so much going on but nothing at the same time ?? also michael sheen?????? so many faces oh my god. aren’t they cold in the snow dressed like that???? i mean maybe vampires aren’t cold idk ????? “the redcoats are coming” asdfghjk. and why does everyone have such a horrible haircut. and michael sheen’s character (aro?????) SO dramatic, i mean “spare ourselves a fight today only to die tomorrow”  #outsold👌👌 and alice is back !!!!! #teamalice🥰🥰   also carlisle what WHAT WAS THAT????? the DRAMATIC MUSIC im losing it. but thEN THE PLOT TWIST OH MY GOD WHAT WAS THAT I WASN’T EXPECTING IT AT ALL!!!!!  this movie is definitely too  much. THAT ENDING AND THAT SONG😭😭
in the words of my friend: “this isn’t a drama, this is a comedy” and i don’t know what this was but i laughed so much it’s unreal i can’t believe i waited eight years to see it.

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