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  • Smiles of a Summer Night

    Smiles of a Summer Night


    Ingmar Bergman is mostly known for his dour and bleak dramas but if “Smiles of a Summer Night” is anything to go by he could have had a successful career as a comedy director. The film is in the tradition of operettas and farces; whose in love with whom, whose sleeping with whom. Misunderstandings abound. At times it felt rather staged, but the liveliness of the proceedings helped keep me interested. The film is about giving into your baser instincts,…

  • Shall We Dance

    Shall We Dance


    Sweet, frothy and extremely fun. I love a good fake marriage. A definite highlight was Fred and Ginger tap dancing on roller skates.

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  • Paris Blues

    Paris Blues


    What I wanted from this movie was to be able to see Paul Newman and Sidney Poitier be handsome and that's what they gave me. My thirst is quenched. Also, I thought it was fun that the two couples in the movie were played by real-life couples.

  • The Heiress

    The Heiress


    A psychological drama that's about the shifting relationships of the characters and what's not being said. The production could have easily become a stuffy and muted "Masterpiece Theater"-type, but it's extremely lively and compelling. The production design was perfect and the gowns were lovely. The deep-focus camera work and shadows were rather "Citizen Kane"-ish. I really liked Aaron Copeland's score. Olivia De Havilland absolutely owns this movie, in a performance that is endearing and coltish and slowly turns steely. The…