A Place in the Sun ★★★★

"A Place in the Sun" is a hymn to Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor's star power. The opening shot of Clift when he's hitch-hiking and the camera pushes in on him, the close-up of Taylor when they're kissing at the party. When people say that actor's used to have faces this is what they're talking about. The film is filled with moments when those two actors faces fill up the entire screen. Clift and Taylor's chemistry is sizzling and magnetic. The camera work is swoony. I particularly loved the deep focus shot when Elizabeth Taylor first appears.
Individual scenes really work for me, but taken as a whole I don't enjoy the plot. I don't find Clift's characters actions sympathetic once he begins two-timing Shelley Winters and then thinking about killing her. I don't know why he and Shelley Winters were together in the first place. His relationship with Taylor is extremely swoony, but shallow. I hope we can all agree that murder, even through indifference, is not romantic.
P.S. If you haven't listened to the "You Must Remember This" podcast  episode about Clift and Taylor's relationship I highly recommend it. It made me feel a lot.

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