Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

it’s almost 3 am now so this is gonna be long and it’s gonna be rambly and cheesy. i thought about logging this tomorrow because by then i’ll have calmed down and my tears will have dried and maybe my mind will be clearer then but i think maybe the best “review” i can write about this needs to be written now, before the magic is gone and i won’t be able to put all of this the way i’m feeling it right now: 

so yes i mentioned tears. if you know me (and i guess even if you don’t know me) it isn’t surprising that this made me cry - i’m quite prone to tears. in the case of this film, though, i was crying for about 70 percent of its runtime (that’s not an exaggeration). i don’t know what it is exactly that hit me so hard, maybe it’s a combination of many things. maybe it’s sheer good timing, what with lady bird and me being the exact same age. maybe it’s the fact that i could see so much of what i am in lady bird, and so much of what i want to be

i want to be as confident as lady bird. i wish i had the guts to dye my hair a bright colour, i wish i was a theatre kid i wish i could perform, i wish i could get high with friends. i wish i had boyfriends and i wish i had a best friend.

i am terrible at maths, i am a bad friend sometimes and a bad daughter sometimes, too. i have the same arguments with my mother and i have the same dreams of going to schools i know i have neither the money nor the grades for. i am as impulsive and as idealistic and as sentimental as lady bird.

so no, lady bird is not me exactly; i’m not catholic nor do i go to catholic school, i don’t have the same experiences as her, i don’t even live in the same country as her. but i do still relate to her - and this film as a whole - so much. and i’m already looking forward to revisiting this many times when it finally comes out in cinemas around here. right now i’m just happy i got to see this wonderful thing and i already feel like it’s become a part of me, however strange and cheesy that may sound.

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