Thor: Ragnarok

Thor: Ragnarok ★★★★★

i didnt get to rewatch the entire thing but i did compile a list of my favourite loki moments in this which im sure youd like to know about: 

- when odin says “my sons” and loki looks over at him in.. surprise? PAINFUL 
- when odin says sth about how freya would be proud of him and he looks like that? even MORE painful
- when loki tells thor his plan of gold digging the grandmaster and them ruling sakaar together but thor doesnt dig it so loki gets all offended... a mood somehow 
- his lil smile when thor tells the snake story!! 
- the entire elevator scene!!! loki i thought the world of you !! his reaction!!!!! i wont ever stop talking about that scene
- uuuh there’s more obviously like the scene at the end where he really is THERE! but like as i said i didnt watch the whole thing and my brain doesnt really work in this heat so i cant remember anything else

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