Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

Weird: The Al Yankovic Story

You’ll find out what we make down at the factory…. once you start working at the factory!

There’s about a 25 minute chunk of this that is just as laugh-out-loud funny as anything in Walk Hard or Popstar. But unlike those two masterpieces — which must’ve been genetically modified in some lab dedicated to the dark art of Perfect Genre Parody because such alchemy has yet to be replicated since — this just couldn’t  figure out the proper comedy calculus of bits-per-scene to sustain its protracted runtime. But that’s an unfair bar to clear, so I salute them for even trying. There’s enough here that works still! The “My Bologna” moment had me positively floating. 

Daniel Radcliffe is every bit as fantastic as you might’ve heard, and it rules that the guy who made precisely one (1) billion dollars from a beloved children’s IP has decided to spend the rest of of his career coasting into some unexpectedly weird and experimental corners, just out here being a short king taking risks on strange and absurdist roles. Even cooler that he likes to occasionally pop up and dunk on that nasty little sicko transphobe from the UK who created that aforementioned beloved children’s IP. 

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