Lamb ★★½

Watched with parents. Mom and Dad both liked it.

Well this is a weird one.

Some farmers in Iceland are raising some sheep. One day a sheep gives birth to a rather weird creature and the farmers decide to start raising it as if it were there own child.

A24 has been advertising this film as a horror film, but in reality it's more like 20% supernatural horror, and 80% domestic drama. I imagine this would piss a lot of mainstream audiences off, but I bet the fact that all spoken dialogue is in Icelandic has meant many people probably aren't going to bother with it anyway.

As for my thoughts, I really wanted to like this. It's well shot, the effects for the weird lamb child are pretty well done, and I really appreciate how much it commits to its absurd premise. Unfortunately I found a lot of this to be pretty boring. The plot is very simply and moves at a rather slow pace and the characters/relationships weren't complex or dynamic enough to really catch my interest. There were a few individual scenes that I liked, but there were large swaths where I found it pretty hard to be engaged and stay focused on the film.

I wouldn't call it poorly made and I'm sure this is one of those films that you could read some pretty interesting things into, but I could never really get into it.

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