A Field in England

A Field in England ★★★★★

This is one of the greatest films ever made.
Not so much a fantasy, but a story filtered through the mindset and culture of the time it is set, one in which nature, science, and even death were not understood as they are now. A world where to descend into fevered visions was to see into another plane considered to be just as real as the one we live on. A strong recommend if you’ve ever enjoyed the casual surrealism of medieval manuscript doodles or the dreamlike logic of old folk tales and myths.

I would mostly recommend not looking for “explainers” or other plot breakdowns, but I would suggest the “What’s So Great About That” video essay on the film, which gives some background to folklore referenced by the film without attempting to offer any conclusive explanations.

An astounding work in impossibly vibrant black and white.

...also one of the characters names is a Zardoz reference.

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