Glass Onion

Glass Onion ★★★★½


An absolute blast, way more fun. The imagery, lights out with the lighthouse *shudders*.

Everyone was fantastic, I don’t fucking care about a Star Wars Trilogy. Just more sequels with B.B. and original ideas from now on. Maybe some cool adaptations. It will only take up too much precious time from a writer/director who is in complete control of their voice and craft.

This fucking score, oh my god this fucking score. This movie rips, what an absolute blast. Many misdirects, especially hard to recount to all of you, as I am still tingly and riding high. I had ideas and funny things to say but I’ll just sit and stew with it. I had a lot of fun and perfect way to fight off the Sunday Scaries of having to go back to work after the holiday.

Edit- I really love what little connections there are to the first show a sort of morose hesitancy of Benoit being at gatherings.

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