Jaws ★★★★½

Ellen: "What am I going to tell the kids?"
Brody: "Tell them I'm going fishing."

It takes little over half the movie but that's how it's done! That's how you do a proper, efficient buildup before all hell breaks loose. A perfect concoction of building anticipation, suspence, panic, fear and greed... Jaws is THE reason why I don't go swimming, anywhere... not even lakes! You never know what's below you in the water. A threat that's invisible, until it's too late. John Williams is at his absolute best with the score, brilliant camerawork, perfect pacing, very interesting characters and smart dialogue. The interactions between the three men and their different personality types being my favorite aspect of the movie... and the epic third act. My only criticisms being it's slow as hell in the first half and I wanted more kills. An absolute classic and one of the most effective man vs. nature movies.

The fingernails on the chalkboard at the beginning still terrifies me every time.

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