[REC]³ Genesis ★★★

HORRORx52: 28/52
27. Made In Spain

Startlingly different than the first two installments, this one takes us out of the apartment building and into a spacious, elegant wedding venue. I guess I'm just a romantic softie, or perhaps just easily entertained, because this actually worked for me and I quite liked the ending.

A strange choice indeed to abandon the found footage aspect partway through, it being the key concept of the franchise and all... but it was smartly done and its continuation simply wouldn't work with this plot.

Stranger still was the bride's decision to whack off just one half of her wedding gown via chainsaw: (1) there's gotta be an easier way, and (2) the other half is still in your way, dumb-dumb. I did enjoy when she finally turns on the infected ("This is my day!") and the actress really pulled off that 'I'm kicking ass and I'm just as surprised about it as you are' look.

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