• The Final Girls

    The Final Girls


    HORRORx52: 3/52
    33. Comedy Horror

    A very funny & meta spoof of Friday the 13th. Teens find themselves transported into the popular horror movie "Camp Bloodbath" and must devise a way to escape its trap. There's a great cast of characters that provide the right balance-- characters to love, and characters to love to hate (lookin' at you, Adam Devine). It's certainly a little vanilla regarding any homage to the sex and violence of the classic slasher, but that doesn't keep…

  • Zandalee



    A Nic Cage a Month Keeps You Drunk 3.0

    Zandalee is a woman who is desperately unhappy in her sexless marriage. She begins a torrid affair with her husband's lifelong friend, the tortured artist, Johnny Collins. Tensions between the trio culminate with a finale set on a speedboat racing through the bayou. Uh-huh.

    It's a crazy-Cage movie alright, just not in a way that I particularly care for. In the role of Johnny he is meant to evoke some sort…

  • Village of the Damned

    Village of the Damned


    HORRORx52: 2/52
    10. 1960s

    Yeesh! I knew this was about creepy children, but had no idea they were the result of some mass impregnation phenomenon. Truly the stuff of nightmares.

    Beyond that, a really solid 1960s horror flick. It's a quick watch that still feels original and features a surprisingly fleshed out plot. Beware the alarmingly polite, yet entirely sinister, blonde-haired children with "arresting" eyes.

  • Bug



    HORRORx52: 1/52
    6. 2000s

    Michael Shannon... is such... a good... actor. Ashley Judd, too, for that matter. I'm in awe of these performances. What starts off as a sad little slice of life affair smoothly descends into utter chaos.

    Judd lives in a motel and works as a waitress in a podunk gay bar (interesting combination, really). She’s got a dangerous convict for an ex and receives mysterious and repetitious phone calls with nothing but static on the other end.…

  • Shadow of a Doubt

    Shadow of a Doubt


    52 Years in 52 Weeks: 52/52

    What is, in my experience, one of the least talked about Hitchcock films is also one of the best. "Menace in a small town." Notably his own personal favorite, and really, who are we to argue?

    Young Charlie idolizes her uncle, Charlie. Named after him, she believes they share a special connection and is overjoyed when he comes for an unexpected visit. Pursued by a pair of detectives for reasons unknown, is Uncle Charlie…

  • Singin' in the Rain

    Singin' in the Rain


    52 Years in 52 Weeks: 51/52

    Set in 1927, the careers of silent film stars Don and Lina are turned upside down after the release of the first talkie. In short, this is a movie about making movies and it's utterly delightful. Gene Kelly, Donald O'Connor, and Debbie Reynolds are a perfect starring trio and Jean Hagen is unforgettable as the beautiful, squeaky-voiced villain. The dance numbers are technically brilliant and often quite hilarious-- "Make 'Em Laugh" blew me away…

  • Paper Moon

    Paper Moon


    52 Years in 52 Weeks: 50/52

    Following the death of young Addie's mother, some well-meaning acquaintances push her off on a traveling bible salesman who just happens to be headed in the direction of her closest living relative.

    It's a questionable hand off, and though he poses no real danger to Addie, the con man Moses Pray hatches a scheme that will deliver Addie to her family while also lining his own pockets. Suffice it to say that Addie is…

  • Valley Girl

    Valley Girl


    A Nic Cage a Month Keeps You Drunk 3.0

    Valley Girl
    She's a Valley Girl
    Okay, fine
    For sure, for sure
    She's a Valley Girl
    And there is no cure

    - Frank Zappa

  • Happiest Season

    Happiest Season


    52 Years in 52 Weeks: 49/52

    In this Christmastime rom-com, girlfriends Abby & Harper believe they can keep their relationship a secret from Harper's picture-perfect family during a holiday visit. "It's 5 days, how bad can it be?"

    Mackenzie Davis' character acts as a continual disappoint, leaving you to root for Kristen Stewart making it out of there unscathed. Aubrey Plaza and Dan Levy are both great and needed larger parts. I also really enjoyed Mary Holland's role as the offbeat sister, Jane. Funny and sappy-sweet.

  • Machete



    52 Years in 52 Weeks: 48/52

    Yep, any movie where Danny Trejo repels out a window by some bad guy's large intestine is a winner in my book. Every second of Machete is absolutely ridiculous, and sometimes that's just what you need to see. I laughed out loud way more than I do from the majority of typical comedies.

  • Topaz



    52 Years in 52 Weeks: 47/52

    So long, so boring. Hitchcock's spy thrillers all sit in the bottom half of my ranking, I guess it's just not my genre, but this places dead last. While I cannot actually call it a bad film, I was bored throughout its runtime and thought the finale was particularly weak. Topaz fails to dazzle.

  • Heat



    52 Years in 52 Weeks: 46/52

    Excellent. I forgot how to breathe a few times while I was watching this.