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  • Bad Lieutenant

    Bad Lieutenant


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Harvey Keitel had a helluva comeback in the early '90s. Reservoir Dogs is the most well known of these films, but he also had a nice supporting turn in The Piano. Then, of course, there's his one for the ages performance in Bad Lieutenant.

    One of those controversial VHS nasties that I never watched until a decade later. I was intimidated by it in the '90s and thought it was going to be an exercise in misery porn about nuns…

  • Rumble Fish

    Rumble Fish



    Francis Ford Coppola drops the autumnal Sirkian, male weepy melodrama of The Outsiders for an Orson Welles style wide angle, deep focus, crisp black & white look. For a movie that apparently was the b-side to The Outsiders a-side, this sure feels more alive and less laborious than the previous film. Mickey Rourke spellbounds.

    It's hilarious to me that Coppola, God love him, thought the Sixteen Candles crowd of the mid '80s would go for this. Maybe…

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  • Ready Player One

    Ready Player One


    Steven Spielberg's Steve Buscemi's "How Do You Do, Fellow Kids?"

  • Pump Up the Volume

    Pump Up the Volume


    The cinematic equivalent of trading in your Poison tape for a Pixies CD.