I'm about 80% sure this is terrible. I'm also about 20% sure that -like Radiohead- I might be wrong*. If my initial instincts are correct, and this is indeed terrible, it's the type of terrible that only a major filmmaker can create. Think David Lynch's Dune, John Boorman's Zardoz, or umm, Menahem Golan's The Apple. Let's just say at one point Tilda Swinton shows up in prosthetics and a fatsuit looking like a cross between Pizza the Hutt and that fat, sunglasses wearing Cenobite from Hellraiser.

I'm all for go for broke, polarizing movies if the execution (no pun intended) is on point. The Tree of Life, Spring Breakers, Holy Motors, Under the Skin, and mother! are some of my favorite movies of recent years, so I don't think it's only the batshit insanity this film occasionally partakes in (I should note that it also draaaags like crazy in the middle section).


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