The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse ★★★★

Mostly I enjoy how unclassifiable it is. I mean, yeah sure, call it horror, but certainly you could add comedy, period drama, and psychological thriller to the mix.

As reductive as it is to play the it's like ________ meets ________ game with this film, I'll do my best. It's like There Will Be Blood meets Eraserhead meets Pi meets The Birds meets Jaws meets a Maya Deren film meets a Harold Pinter play meets a Herman Melville book meets Tales from the Crypt. More than anything I thought of Dead Man with the deeply eccentric period humor and RPatz as the (handsome) Johnny Depp audience surrogate (at least at first). I imagine Robert Eggers watches Westerns and says "what if North Eastern?"

It's steeped in Olde Weird America with waves crashing somewhere between Edgar Allen Poe's death and HP Lovecraft first putting ink on paper.

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