Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★½

"I thought you always knew it was me."

Bit of a downer. I love it.

Sheryl Lee and Ray Wise give masterful, hugely underrated performances. Wise's performance makes clear the supernatural line of the film's reality is much thinner than one would think - or hope. Lee adds layers to her character, often simultaneously showing the many complicated traits of Laura Palmer. She utilizes her eyes expertly.

The film is a strange bird, though: it's near-incomprehensible without the series yet doesn't feel like an essential add-on without the much-delayed third season; its tone is so dark it alienates the series' fans and stands better as a domestic horror; it adds mysteries and lore yet chooses not to resolve many of them. If anything, it's the darkest soul of the series laid bare, angrily revealing the most secret and pervasive sins of suburbia, while optimistically hoping for angels to save and friends to bare burdens.

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