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  • Greyhound



    A solid, albeit unspectacular, entry into the WWII cannon of movies, lifted up from mediocrity by, of course, Tom Hanks, a solid amount of tension and, well, the brief 90 minute run-time.

    After watching the equally-tight Palm Springs the night before, I can only conclude that I welcome more 90 minute movies.

  • Palm Springs

    Palm Springs


    I kind of dislike comedies.

    Maybe that’s not fair. I watch so few because so few make me laugh. It’s a vicious circle... or is it one of those infinite time loop things you may have heard about?

    I predictably struggled through the opening scenes of Palm Springs but, wouldn’t you know it, it then won me over and I found myself smiling at the great chemistry between Samberg and Milioti... and that wonderful supporting turn from JK Simmons.

    Palm Springs put enough of a smile on my face at a time when we could all do with a little more of that.

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  • Parasite



    The line-up to get in for this movie at today’s Vancouver International Film Festival screening ran for hundreds of people, took in multiple city blocks... and these were people who, like me, already had tickets... it was a site that warmed my cinema-loving heart... and then the sights and sounds of ‘Parasite’ lived up to that excitement in every single way... remarkably funny... just so fucking funny... until the laughs quickly stop... but whatever tone it strikes, it’s a truly…

  • Burning



    Five thoughts...

    - A kaleidoscopic, hypnotic, Hitchcockian-level, paranoia thriller masked as a enigmatic treaty on memory, loneliness, the nature of existence and human nature, and the struggle of the class divide.

    - One of the year’s best music moments? Without a doubt.

    - That first dream of the burning greenhouse? Wow.

    - A loner. A siren. A monster.

    - How the fuck is this not nominated for the ‘Best Foreign Language’ Oscar?

    Five quotes (so many to choose from)...

    “Aren’t all protagonists nuts?”

    “I play.”

    “I’ll do anything for fun.”

    “To me, the world is a mystery.”

    “You need to feel the bass... right here.”