Inception ★★★★★

Continuing my Filmspotting oeuvre-view

So, it seems like it’s Inception which is going to be the movie that, on my rewatch of Christopher Nolan’s movies, is going to be the one which rises up in my rankings the most.

I always recall really liking Inception on previous viewings but also feeling a little cold towards it. Whereas I had never felt the narrative holds together as tightly as it needs to, this time everything clicked for me… the dreams within the dreams within the dreams within the dreams.

Ten years later, there is just so much great stuff packed within its 2.5 hour runtime, which – unlike, say, with The Dark Knight Rises – never feels too long. From Ariadne’s Paris cafe dreamscape, to Yusuf’s slowly descending white van cutting between Arthur’s hallway fight/flight, and that wonderful last few minutes and final shot. The editing is simply superb throughout.

The cast is uniformly terrific – particularly Tom Hardy’s charming turn and Marion Cotillard’s frightening performance.

The structure of Nolan’s narrative, time-looping screenplay is remarkable, as his direction moves along underpinned by Han Zimmer’s wonderful score.

Just marvellous from start to finish.

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